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Lisa M
2013-11-11, 15:42
We have just returned from Tenerife where my husband, 13 year old son and I spend 5 days diving with Tenerife Scuba Diving. We had an amazing time. Th...
2014-01-08, 13:00
Amazing...from the very first email with Tenerife Scuba Diving Centre my mind was set at ease. They responded quickly and with great enthusiasm to my ...
2013-11-12, 09:22
I recently booked a 10 day diving course at Tenerife Dive Centre, based at the Club Marino Hotel at Costa de Silencio in Tenerife. This was my first d...

PADI Divemaster

Divemaster PADI Courses Tenerife

Divemaster students wanted! Join our team!

Do you have a deep and abiding passion for diving? Or, do you merely love it with all of your heart?  If so, you should consider doing what you love for a living and become a PADI Divemaster. By becoming a PADI Divemaster, you align yourself with the largest and most respected dive tribe in the world, that of PADI Professionals. 

PADI Divemaster Course

If you are looking for the first step in working with scuba as a career, your adventure into the professional levels of recreational scuba diving begins with the PADI Divemaster program. Working closely with a PADI Instructor, in this program you expand your dive knowledge and hone your skills to the professional level. PADI Divemaster training develops your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers. PADI Divemaster is the prerequisite certification for both the PADI Assistant Instructor and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certifications.

As you progress through your Divemaster course, you’ll expand your diving knowledge, hone you skills and increase your confidence. Then, as a PADI Divemaster, you’ll use these attributes to lead, mentor and motivate other divers and experience the joy of seeing them transformed by the majesty of the the aquatic realm.

Feeling inspired? Read this recent case study below: 

At Tenerife Scuba Diving, your PADI Divemaster course can be completed in two ways:

If you choose to pay for the course it will be completed in approximately 8-10 days. The course cost starts from €500 and runs daily.

Alternatively you can complete the course as a FREE Divemaster Internship. An internship requires you to work with the team at Tenerife Scuba Diving, free of charge for a period of approximately 8 weeks. You will experience the day to day workings of a busy dive centre and the diving business first hand, whilst learning all the academics and scuba skills that are required to become a PADI Divemaster.

We accept candidates into our FREE internship program each month, throughout the year. Candidates can join us at any point in their diving education – from immediately after PADI Open Water Certification, or later. The program is uniquely tailored to match your certification level. We accept candidates from all diving agencies.

Why choose to complete your PADI Divemaster Course with Tenerife Scuba Diving?

Tenerife Scuba Diving provide the perfect environment for PADI Divemaster students. Our on-site swimming pool, central location, on-site discounted accommodation and close proximity to dive sites, will ensure that your time with Tenerife Scuba Diving is productive, whilst our friendly team, clients of all ages and ability and the varied dive activities that Tenerife Scuba Diving regularly conduct, will provide you with the most valuable resources in your training.

When choosing your centre for the PADI Divemaster training, it is an important to consider that your professional training will stay with you forever and as a consequence, it is imperative that you are taught the skills and knowledge to the highest standards from a reputable instructor/centre.

Rest assured that Tenerife Scuba Diving provide the highest level of training in order to prepare you for the next step of your PADI career, the PADI Instructor Development Course. 

Prerequisites to beginning your PADI Divemaster:

  • You must be aged 18 years old or older.
  • Hold the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another training organisation).
  • Hold the PADI Rescue Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organisation).
  • Hold the Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care certification (or qualifying first aid and CPR training from another organisation). Please note, course completion date must be within 24 months or EFR training will need to be refreshed.
  • Hold at least 40 logged dives to begin the course and 60 for certification.
  • Be fit for diving and obtain a Medical Statement (PDF) signed by a physician within the last 12 months.

If you do not meet the PADI prerequisites to begin the course, let us know and we will help you achieve them!

The Scuba gear you will use:

  • You use all the basic scuba equipment and some scuba accessories such as a dive slate, dive knife, compass, dive watch, etc.
  • It is highly recommended that you own all of your own scuba equipment, as familiarity with personal gear improves general scuba diving skills. You can find everything you need through our dive shop.

The PADI learning materials you will need: 

The PADI Divemaster crewpack includes everything you will need to begin the PADI Divemaster course. Crewpacks are available for purchase at the dive centre. Materials included in the basic Divemaster crewpack are:

  • Divemaster slates.
  • PADI Divemaster Manual.
  • PADI Instructor Manual.

Other materials that you may also require are the eRDPML, Diving Knowledge Workbook and the Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving.

What you will learn:

During the PADI Divemaster Course with Tenerife Scuba Diving, you will learn dive leadership skills through both classroom and independent study. You will complete water skills and stamina exercises, as well as training exercises that stretch your ability to organise and solve problems, along with helping others to improve their scuba. You will put this knowledge into action through a structured internship and a series of practical training exercises.

All students will be attending class/diving 5-6 days per week. The remaining time students are free to dive, relax and enjoy the island pace.

This is a comprehensive industry experience that will give you exposure to every area of a dive business, including but not limited to:

  •  Experience/training compressor operation
  •  Experience/training to guide divers and snorkelers
  • Assisting with PADI courses
  • Assisting divers and snorkelers with travel plans & making reservations
  • Experience assisting divers with equipment selection, rental and gear purchases
  • Experience in maintaining boats and scuba equipment
  • Training in scuba retail, day to day running of a busy dive facility

What can a PADI Divemaster teach?

When you become a certified PADI Divemaster you will be authorised to:

  • Supervise both training and non-training-related activities by planning, organising and directing dives.
  • Assist a PADI Instructor during the training sessions for any PADI Diver course.
  • Conduct the PADI Skin Diver course and PADI Discover Snorkelling program.
  • Conduct the PADI Discover Local Diving experience.
  • Conduct the PADI Scuba Review program.
  • If you also qualified as a Discover Scuba Diving Leader, you can independently conduct the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program.
  • Earn the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Speciality Instructor rating to be able to teach the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer speciality.
  • Independently guide Open Water Diver course students on the tour portion of Open Water Diver course Training Dives 2, 3 and 4 at a ratio of two student divers per certified Divemaster.

You will be able to accompany PADI Open Water Diver students under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor during:

  • Surface swims to and from the entry/exit point and during navigational exercises.
  • When the instructor conducts a skill, such as an ascent or descent, a Divemaster can remain with other student divers (with an individual student or buddy team).
  • Accompany student divers during Adventure Dives or Speciality training dives under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor.
  • Conduct the PADI Seal Team Skin Diver Specialist AquaMission.
  • Conduct subsequent dives under an instructor’s indirect supervision for Discover Scuba Diving participants after the participants have satisfactorily completed the first dive with a PADI Instructor.
  • Teach Emergency First Response courses after successfully completing an Emergency First Response Instructor course.

And if you are still not sure if our PADI Divemaster program is for you, here are some reasons we think it will be the best experience you will ever have in the diving industry...
  • We will organise your accommodation. It is private accommodation, you do not have to share!
  • Our team will pick you up at the airport when you arrive and assist you with moving into your accommodation.
  • We assess and work with you to ensure that you are getting the training you want/need and also to facilitate your overall experience.
  •  Because our team are professionals with diverse industry training, your experience will be very well-rounded.
  • We are a very busy facility with a large variety of activities happening daily, not a sleepy beach shop.
  • Your training will be diversified and comprehensive. It will include every aspect of the diving industry; retail sales, course sales, equipment rental and more...not just diving!
  • We offer professional development courses, along with entry level and continuing education. We are also material suppliers to most other centres on the island; which means exposure to numerous dive outlets and we host large dive groups; we means exposure to international dive facilities. 
  • Tenerife Scuba Diving offers over 50 different dive sites. Both boat and shore. The variety of sites is an excellent training ground for gaining an understanding of marine environments and navigating unfamiliar sites successfully.
  • Student interns dive for free anytime they are diving outside of their normal training courses.
  •  Interns also recieve a discount on stock and materials.
  • FREE WI-FI is available 24 hours a day, FREE computer facilities, FREE tea and coffee and discounted meals at the on-site restaurant.

We balance quality with quantity and we play too! The team regularly enjoy dinner at a local Canarian restaurant, relax at our beach BBQ, enjoy carting, spend a day at Siam Park and we also enjoy spending a day together at stunning Mount Teide.

If you are interested in becoming a PADI Divemaster intern with Tenerife Scuba Diving and you meet the prerequisites for the course, then we’d love to hear from you! Please apply via email, to Tim at Tenerife Scuba Diving with your CV, recent photograph and relevant diving experience.

Divemaster Internship Tenerife


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