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Bee. S
2013-09-15, 13:59
We dived 6 times for 3 days together with the guys from Tenerife Scuba Diving and can really recommend them! They are great, friendly, warmhearted peo...
2012-03-12, 19:07
Hi All,

I want to say thank you for all your training and help on the IDC/IE, i arrived very nervous about doing the whole course, and a...
2013-01-24, 09:52
I had a couple of days diving with Tim and David on a recent trip to Tenerife and would certainly consider diving with them again.
Their dive ce...

Tenerife Dive Sites from the Shore

  • Depth: 20 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: Adavanced +

Sunk in August 2006, this wreck at Tabaiba has become a very popular shore dive site.

The surface swim is very short, before we drop down onto a 5 metre ledge.

After dropping down to 12 metres, we follow the pipe, which leads directly to the wreck.

The wreck lies in 30 metres at her deepest point.

Penetration of the wreck is possible into the wheelhouse and into the engine room.

Prior to sinking, the ship was stripped of hazards such as cables and doors.

Another great dive site for the PADI Wreck Speciality course.

From the dive centre, the wreck is approximately a 45 minute drive to the dive site, which is located in the north of the island. Well worth the trip!




  • Depth: 3 - 20 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: All

The entry point for this dive site is with a grand stride entry from the steps.

We then swim out across the sand, which is home to thousands of Garden Conger Eels!

Turning left, we head towards a rocky wall where you will discover a nativity display under an overhang! (Yes, I did say a nativity display!)

Poris Pier is host to various fish and Rays.

This is also a must for a thrilling night dive with Atlantic Rays and Octopus a plenty!

Palm Mar Pier
  • Depth: 2 - 20 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: Open Water Diver +

Entry to this dive site is via a quiet stony beach.

After a short surface swim to the start of a sandy valley, we arrive at the rock walls.

We follow these and turn to the left or the right where we can find an amazing assortment of fish, including, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Rays, Trigger Fish and Angel Sharks.


El Puertito
  • Depth: 0 - 14 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: All

If you love to shore dive, then this is a must!

This sheltered bay has a handful of small buildings and a small sandy beach.

In conjunction with the University of La Laguna, a small marine reserve has been established over the last few years. All sea urchins have been removed which has allowed vegetation and corals to grow.

This program also introduced a male and female Greenback Turtle, which have successfully bred and we now have a family of five!

As well as the Turtles, there is an abundance of sea life here, including Rays and Sea Horses.

  • Depth: 12 - 30 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: Advanced Diver +

A giant stride entry into a sheltered bay, teaming with aquatic life.

We follow the edge of the bay to the right and approach an ‘A’ frame shaped swim-through at 17 metres.

This is followed by a further swim-through at 30 metres.

This dive site offers a chance to explore overhangs and small caverns and gives an opportunity to see a huge variety of marine life including: Rays, Moray Eels, Angel Sharks, Octopus and Anemones.

  • Depth: 0 - 10 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: All

Abades is a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist resorts.

The entry for this dive site is via a sandy beach.

There are several different routes we can take, making this site one which we can dive twice in one day!

Diving at Abades can be likened to diving in an aquarium! There are so many varied species of fish here; it is a perfect dive for viewing them!

Brilliant for snorkelling and night dives too. Don't forget your camera!