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Lisa M
2013-11-11, 15:42
We have just returned from Tenerife where my husband, 13 year old son and I spend 5 days diving with Tenerife Scuba Diving. We had an amazing time. Th...
2013-11-12, 09:22
I holidayed in Tenerife last year at the Club Marino in Costa de Silencio and discovered Tenerife Dive Centre, although not planning to dive I passed ...
2011-10-07, 20:11
Hi Tim and Tara. Well wot can i say except ‘THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH’. Anyone reading this should know that Tim and Tara are truely trust-worthy, car...

Dive Tenerife At Night!

Have you ever walked around your garden with a torch in the dark? Scuba diving at night is very similar…just more exciting!

Suddenly a world you thought you knew, becomes very different when you can see a whole host of new marine life that is revealed by your underwater torch!

Tenerife Scuba Diving love night diving in Tenerife! There is no better way to see the amazing underwater world, than after dark, particularly because underwater marine life exhibit unique behaviors at sunset and often the tiny creatures you miss amid the big picture during the day, stand out more at night. Some underwater inhabitants hide during the day and can only be seen at night, phosphorescent plankton is common – just wave your arm through the water and you’ll see a trail of sparkles. The moon and manmade lights on shore are often visible from underwater and during a full moon, we can make the most of a night dive with our lights off.

Night dives are available to all divers holding the PADI Open Water certification and above. It is simply amazing and a great way to see the underwater world of Tenerife in a whole new light! You may wish to complete 3 night dives with us to obtain the PADI Night Diver Speciality!

Tenerife Scuba Diving conduct all Night diving from the shore and always choose a dive site that you’ve dived before during daylight, because when you know what it looked like in the daytime, you know what to expect after dark. Plus you’ll appreciate how diving at night in Tenerife, reveals a whole new world on a familiar reef or wreck.

Tenerife Scuba Diving begin night dives at dusk, as it is easier to get your scuba equipment on and make your entry while we still have some daylight to work with. As night falls while you’re underwater, you’ll gradually become acclimated to the darkness throughout the scuba dive instead of plunging into it from the start. Tenerife Scuba Diving keep groups small and also provide all torches and back up lights (that is all included in the price) and as always, strictly adhere to all PADI standards and procedures. At Tenerife Scuba Diving we do not require a minimum number of divers to participate in a night dive.

For a really unique experience, why not join us in a night dive just before dawn and watch the underwater world wake up? Early morning underwater can be just as fascinating as sunset and when you make your ascent while the sun is making one of its own, there’s just no better way to start the day!

Night Diving €50.00

Places are limited. Group sizes are kept small. Reservation in advance is advisable, particularly during peak periods.

From aged 10 years | Minimum certification required is PADI Open Water or equivellent | Conducted nightly | Enter the water at sunset, times vary | Night diving is conducted from the shore | Photo DVD available |

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