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2012-10-21, 17:56
Did scuba diving 'discovery' trial dive at a charge of 75 EUR (which incl. a basic training in the swimmingpool at the Marino Tenerife Hotel and an op...
2013-11-12, 09:21
Before my family holiday to Tenerife this October I had been very keen to learn how to scuba dive, having never done it before. I was excited to find ...
Buddy B
2013-12-09, 15:48
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Tenerife Boat Dive Sites

Published in Boat Dives


boat diving tenerife The waters that bathe the coast of Tenerife are typical of the shores of the Canary Islands. Oceanic waters that reap the benefits of the southward current of the Gulf Stream.

This current has significant bearing on the regulation of surface water temperature which ranges between 19 degrees Centigrade in the winter months and 24 degrees Centigrade during the summer.

The waters around the diving capital are characterised by low productivity, or a lack of plankton, placing them amongst the clearest and most transparent seas on the planet, with a visibility of over 30 metres as standard. 

Our coasts feature a wide variety of marine species, taking in both the species of the North Atlantic, including tropical and sub tropical species and those of the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, Tenerife also hosts a number of species that are found no where else in the world. 

Huge rays, friendly turtles, magical seahorses and shoals of silver fish represent the norm.

We dive everyday, all year round, because we are passionate about our work, our diving, our divers and our dive sites. We cant wait to meet you too!

Below, we have listed just a few of our favourite and most popular dive sites. Enjoy!

The Rays
  • Depth: 12 - 24 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: All
Our most popular dive site requested time and time again by our divers! The name does exactly what it says...and we can almost guarantee the Rays each time we dive here!


In a depth of 12-18 metres, we can expect Common Rays, Eagle Rays and the huge Atlantic Rays, along with our curious and 'turtley' awesome resident Green Turtle (who usually puts in an appearance!)


As we swim out from the reef, we come across the Estorme wreck which sank some 20 years ago. The wreck is found at a depth of 20-23 metres and in the surrounding sand, Angel Sharks can be found resting in the sand.

turtle tenerife

atlantic ray tenerife

El Condesito
  • Diver Certification Level: All
  • Depth: 12 - 40 metres
The El Condesito sank after experiencing engine failure some 30 years ago, whilst travelling along the rocky coastline of Punta Rasca. At the time she was carrying cement, which was to be used in the construction of the harbor at San Sebastian, la Gomera. These bags of of cement can still be seen today! The Bow of the ship has now collapsed but it is home to a wide variety of sea life including a large Burrfish!
The wreck sits between two canyons which makes this a fantastic dive for exploring not only the wreck, but also the marine life. Advanced Open Water Divers and those with the Deep Speciality can explore away from the wreck into deeper canyons and view the black coral which can be found from 30 metres.

ship wreck tenerife

el condesito

The Steps 
  • Depth: 12 - 40 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: All
A fantastic dive site, given it's name due to rock formations that resemble steps.
The site has often been referred to as the 'Giants Causeway of Tenerife!'
Two swim-throughs and an abundant array of fish life can be found at this dive site.
For the Advanced Open Water Diver, there is the opportunity of exploring the spectacular deeper canyons to see the black coral.


underwater scenery tenerife

caves tenerife

Yellow Mountain
  • Depth: 12 - 25 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: All
One of our favorite dive sites which can be explored in many different ways to accommodate every diving ability and certification!
This wonderful marine reserve also backs on to the dive centre, making this a popular choice for shore dives and our prefered night dive location.
The site offers swim-throughs, overhangs and incredible marine life, including Trumpet Fish, Barracuda, Zebra Bream, Common Bream, Ornate Wrasse, Parrotfish, Octopus and Moray Eels.
We have even been lucky enough to be joined by Dolphins on a few occasions!

tenerife fish


scuba diving tenerife

The Arches
  • Depth: 18 - 28 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: Advanced Open Water +
Here, we explore a large amphitheatre which has three naturally formed stone arches.
The protected species, Canarian Lobster can often be found under the overhangs, along with a family of gnomes! Yes...we did say gnomes!
We are often joined by passing Stingrays and Angel Sharks, alongside Trumpet Fish, Scorpion Fish, Pufferfish, Damsel Fish and Octopus.
There is even a friendly resident Moray Eel, who always enjoys his photograph being taken!

tenerife rocks

diving tenerife pufferfish

  • Depth: 8 - 18 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: All

Maravilla is a stunning reef, home to vast and varied fish life.

Here we find Moray Eels, Octopus, Trumpet Fish, Nudibranch and Bluefin Damsels.

There is a pretty swim-through, where we find the many Trumpet Fish, and the occasional sleeping Stingray.

Angel Sharks are common visitors at this site in the winter months.

Seahorses can also be spotted here remember to keep your eyes wide  open for these tiny and well camoflaged creatures!

tenerife dive fish


seahorse tenerife dive

El Meridian
  • Depth: 28-32 Metres
  • Diver Certification Level: Advanced Open Water + 


This wreck started her life in the German Navy as a Minesweeper during the second world war.

She saw her final years as a Whale and Dolphin excursion boat, here in Tenerife.

Purposely sunk in 2005, she makes a fantastic wreck dive site.
Located near Palm Mar the travel time from the marina is approximately 15 minutes.
The ship can also be penetrated.
She is situated in an ideal location for the PADI Wreck Specialty course.

crab tenerife diving

shipwreck scuba diving


The Mushrooms
  • Depth: 20 metres +
  • Diver Certification Level: Advanced Open Water+
On this glorious site, we descend into 20 metres of water, before swimming down to 25 metres.
This is where we come across the fascinating volcanic rock formations, that look like mushrooms, giving the site it's name!
Awash with Moray Eels, small Groupers, rare Canarian Lobsters and an array of other fish life.
We then explore the canyons in which Stingrays can often be found.

tenerife fish scuba

Tenerife Dive sites The Mushrooms

  • Depth: 20 - 30 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: Advanced Open Water+
This pretty dive site, was given the name 'Catalufa', oweing to the number of Glass Eye fish who call it home! 'Catalufa' means 'Glass Eye' in Spanish.

On this deep dive we explore the canyons which is where we will find the beautiful Glass Eyes, along with a large group of Grunt Fish, Moray Eels, the rare Canarian Lobster and a wide range of other fish. 

Out across the sand, Rays are often spotted!


tenerife fish dive sites

shoal of fish tenerife

Palm Mar Cave
  • Depth: 15 - 30 metres
  • Diver Certification Level: Advanced Open Water +
At this unique dive site we descend down into 15 metres of water, where we approach a shelf, that ultimately drops down into around 30 metres.

When we reach 30 metres, we find a statue of the Virgin del Carmen and a smaller statue of Dolphins.

We then continue along, towards the cave. We do not enter the cave for safety reasons, we can shine torches inside, as in the walls surrounding the cave we often spot Tiger Moray Eels and Octopus!

Sometimes if we are lucky divers, Rays and Angel Sharks can be seen here too in abundance.

We then follow a rough wall to a large crevis, which is home to several Moray Eels.

Dolphins can often be very welcome visitors on this site, so keep your eyes open!

dolphin tenerife

virgin del carmen tenerife

San Miguel

  • Depth: 20 metres +
  • Diver Certification Level: Advanced Open Water+


On this dive site, we descend into around 25 metres of beautiful blue, to be met by some large Groupers!

We move towards the 30 metre ledge, dropping off to 40 metres, this area is surrounded by fantastic Black Coral.

On this site you will see the friendly resident Groupers, a shoal of large Barracuda, various species of Rays and Angel Sharks can often be spotted too!

atlantic ray tenerife

tenerife fish life


Shark Cave
  • Depth: 10 - 30 metres +
  • Diver Certification Level: Open Water +


This is a perfect dive site for all certification levels.


Open Water divers can stay on the ledge in the shallower waters, exploring the rocks for marine life and the more advanced diver can drop off into a large cavern with both front and rear entry/exit points.

Home to many Trumpet fish. A large cheeky Burr fish can often be seen hanging out in the back of the cavern with Octopus and other marine life, including the occassional Angel Shark!

underwater tenerife

shark tenerife


Amarilla Baja


  • Depth: 11 - 35 metres +
  • Diver Certification Level: Open Water +


Welcome to Tenerife Scuba Diving's newest dive site!


Discovered in 2013, after extensive searches for new dive sites, Amarilla Baja is really out of this world!

We anchor on a plateau at 11 metres and slowly descend, following the fantastic reef, which is teaming with Damselfish, Trumpet Fish, Moray Eels and Octopus.

If we then swim out into the sand, we can often see Stingrays and Angel Sharks!

Amarilla Tenerife Dive